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CORE Outdoor Neon Green Pickleball (3 Pack)
    CORE Outdoor Neon Green Pickleball (3 Pack)
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    Core Outdoor Pickleball

    The CORE Outdoor Pickleball is a dependable and long-lasting option that will endure frequent use in any weather. Designed with a wind-resistent 40 hole pattern, these pickleballs play with consistency so you'll feel certain your shots will travel where you aim them. They also have a reliable bounce height so players can determine their trajectory and trust they'll rebound as expected.

    Weight & Material Matters:

    To further improve wind resistance we began working on the weight and materials of the ball. We tested our balls by playing pickleball outdoors until we found the perfect one.

    Naturally Easy to See:

    Visibility is everything in Pickleball. If you can't see the ball coming how are you supposed to hit it? The vibrant neon green color makes tracking the ball with your eyes easy.

    Consistent Bounce Height :

    If you don't know the bounce height you can't predict where the ball will be. That's why specifically engineered CORE Pickleballs to be consistent shot after shot.

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    good ball but we had one split on us
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