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Gearbox CX11Q Purple Control Pickleball Paddle
    Gearbox CX11Q Purple Control Pickleball Paddle
    Purchase Gearbox CX11Q Purple Control Pickleball Paddle

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    Weight: 7.8 ounces

    Handle Length: 4 3/4 in

    Paddle Length: 15 7/8 in

    Core Material: T-700 Carbon Fiber

    Surface Material: 3K Woven Carbon Fiber

    Paddle Width: 8 in

    Grip Size: 3 5/8 or 3 15/16 in *may vary up to 1/8"

    Factory Grip: Gearbox Smooth Wrap

    Core Thickness: 11

    This Paddle is made in China

    The New CX11 Quad Control has a softface, great for touch shots and features an even larger sweet spot when compared to other shapes. The control option is best for a dinking play style and play at the kitchen.This paddle will also have the quietest sound.

    The Quad shapeoffers our largest sweet spot. This paddle is ideal for players seeking a controlled ball drive with speed and quickness.

    In the Control Series, our patented SST ribbed core with T-700 carbon fiber absorbs energy from the ball in turn allowing for more control going back

    These various performance improvements were achieved by taking our SST Patent to new heights, adding 3K woven carbon fiber and a reimagined construction.

    The CX11 series is built with a 3K woven carbon fiber face and a T-700 carbon fiber ribbed core. The addition of 3K woven carbon fiber has improved overall playability and reduces vibration feedback to the hand giving this line a superb solid feel.

    If you're unsure about your model or weight...try our DEMO Program.

    PickleballGalaxy General Notes

    Upgrade Your Pickleball Paddle Grip to a Python Rubber Grip for unbelievable comfort and control. They don't just look great on your paddle they will also last for the life of your paddle. Python rubber grips work best with a leather glove.


    UPC: 810082270167
    MPN: 1CX11QC7-1
    Shipping Weight: 1.25 pounds
    Gearbox Cx11Q
    Verified Buyer
    I like the narrower handle and the weight is light enough for better control
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    CX11Q Purple Control
    Verified Buyer
    I have been playing pickleball for over a year. I try to play four days a week. When I started, I did not know which paddle to purchase. To help me select the best paddle for me, I used the Pickleball Galaxy demo program and tried out 6 different paddles. Of the Gearbox paddles, I tried the CX14H Red, the CX11Q Red Power, and the CX11Q Purple Control. I felt that the CX11Q Purple did give me better control of the ball. So, I purchased the Gearbox CX11Q Purple Control. I was so pleased with it that I bought another as a backup paddle.
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    Great paddle for a woman…
    Verified Buyer
    Have had this paddle for two weeks now and have played with it regularly. I’m a 5’7” woman with a medium/small hand and a one-handed back-hand. This paddle provides a handle that can be gripped to a comfortable size for my hand. Its shorter handle and lighter weight enables great flexibility and maneuverability for me during fast volleys at the net. And, its woven carbon fiber surface facilitates the delivery of soft dinks and well-placed spin shots giving me greater confidence during dinking sessions. I believe it has already improved my game. Very happy with this purchase.
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    gearbox CX11 control
    Verified Buyer
    I've been playing with this paddle for close to a month. It's a replacement/upgrade to my old GX5 power. It's definitely an upgrade. It feels better in the hand. It seems that my control improved without changing my feeling of the paddle in my hand. Just as well balanced as the old one. Strongly recommended
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