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Penn 26 Indoor Lava Red Pickleball (6 Pack)
    Penn 26 Indoor Lava Red Pickleball (6 Pack)
    Purchase Penn 26 Indoor Lava Red Pickleball (6 Pack)

    The 'Penn 26' ball, USAPA Approved. Penn has spent 2 years developing and testing their new pickleball to manufacturer a pickleball that meets Head/Penn standards. The Penn 26 Indoor pickleball is a great ball for recreational and club play. It is also great for tournament play where a softer ball is required.

    Key Benefits:

    • True Bounce - Specifically designed for a true bounce on indoor wooden surfaces with no skid
    • Enhanced Visibility - Vibrant color enhances visibility against indoor backgrounds and wooden surfaces
    • Maximum Versatility - Provides consistent playability for all players,
    • USAPA Approved for Tournament Play


    • Quantity: 6 Balls
    • Holes: 26
    • Color: Organish Red for High-visibility and Contrast
    • Designed for Indoor Gym Floor Courts/Concrete

    Pickleball Comparison

    Ball Durability Bounce Height Speed Play Consistancy Visibility Notes
    Dura 40 2 3 10 5 4 Preferred by tournament players
    Franklin X 40 4 5 8 4 8 Gaining momentum but still not a favorite of any group
    Penn 40 8 7 6 6 8 Just arrived May 2019
    Onix Fuse G2 7 8 4 3 5 Preferred by recreational players
    Onix Pure II 10 9 3 4 4 No longer approved by USAPA, never within spec but still produced
    Penn 26 lave indoor
    Verified Buyer
    I’ve bought 24 of these over past 18 months. These are very good indoor balls because of their high visibility and good play. We have 4 indoor courts and 16 to 20 at a 3 hour sessions, three days a week during winter months. These balls will last about 8 weeks before they wear thin and eventually crack. Somewhere around 250 games. Most of the play is aggressive. I just bought another dozen to use until spring so that’s the assessment. Most of the players prefer these for indoor use on a “yellow” wood gym floor.
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    Very Good Pickleball
    Verified Buyer
    Played a lot of racquetball at one point and Penn blue was THE ball used for all levels of play. Purchased these Penn Lava Red Pickleballs to see how they played compared to the ONIX Fuse; the usual ball where I play. I would have no issues playing this ball; great visibility, consistent results off the paddle and bounce, great feel and sound, and pricing is competitive with other quality brands. You can't please everyone but for the most part the 10 -12 players I tend to play with had zero objections to the Penn Pickleball. The jury is still out on durability as I haven't played the ball long enough to accurately judge how well it is going to hold up. So far so good at the recreational 3.5 - 4 level on wooden floors; about 6 hours on one ball thus far. Overall, I will have no issues purchasing the Penn Lava Red Pickleball again the next time I need a resupply of Pickleballs.
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    Best indoor ball there is!
    Always had trouble picking up the ball in fast exchanges at the net indoors... until I got these lava beauties! Played with them the first time today with a group of over 30 people. Used them in all my games and everybody loved them. Other courts were begging to use one of the 3 I brought after they played with them. They difference is visibility is substantial for me, and I pretty much already know I won't be playing with anything else from now on. The bounce seemed very even and the ball didn't seem overly soft at all. Much better than the club balls that we normally use, which admittedly are probably worn out. Each ball probably got about 10 games played with it today and they all still look and feel like new. I don't expect durability to be an issue, but it has only been one day, so time will tell. Oh, and just for info, I am a 4.0 player and have been known to bang a bit. Anyway, can't recommend enough and I think I just sold I bunch of balls for Penn. They should give me some freebies! ;-)
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    Great Color !!
    Verified Buyer
    As most indoor gym floors are a light color, this Lava Red really shows up well ! The players in our public facility gym love the contrast and I encourage them to buy their own balls as I put these back in my pocket after the game is over! I buy them , I use them and then return them to safe place - I would like to try a white indoor ball but haven’t found a source?
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    Penn red lava balls
    Verified Buyer
    The Penn red lava pickleballs are great. They are much better to see indoors and are lasting longer than any balls we've used.
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    red lava
    Verified Buyer
    i like them, its like any thing else , i can see the ball better , some cannot, i feel you have better control as and inside the building court, some do not, all i can say is sample them.
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    Lava Red Pickleballs
    Verified Buyer
    Great color, really good visibility indoors.
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