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Pro Kennex Black Ace Pro (Black/Red) Pickleball Paddle (PKL-30201)
    Pro Kennex Black Ace Pro (Black/Red) Pickleball Paddle (PKL-30201)
    Purchase Pro Kennex Black Ace Pro (Black/Red) Pickleball Paddle (PKL-30201)
    • SKU: PKPadPickBlackAcePro
      Pro Kennex Black Ace Pro (Black/Red) Pickleball Paddle (PKL-30201)

    • Price: $250.00
      Comes with PK Black Ace Cover

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    Weight: 7.95 ounces

    Handle Length: 5.3 in

    Paddle Length: 15.8 in

    Core Material: Cloud Cell polymer core

    Surface Material: TORAY Carbon

    Paddle Width: 7.6 in

    Grip Size: 4 in *may vary up to 1/8"

    Factory Grip: Comfort Cushion

    Core Thickness: 10mm / .39in

    The Black Ace Pro is the first ever single piece TORAY faced carbon paddle, making it the most aerodynamic and fastest paddle in your hand. It enhances reflexes in quick exchanges while producing more power compared to other carbon faced paddles because of the enhanced swing speed from its edgeless design.

    The Black Ace Pro is equipped with kinetic technology, Pro Kennex's patented shock and vibration absorbing system. An additional kinetic system is added to the handle of the paddle and acts as a last-pass filtration system due to the enhanced power of the Black Ace.

    Pro Kennex has added new technology to the Black Ace paddles. They have added carbon to the handle with the Full Carbon Kinetic Handle System which is the handle construction that encloses inelastic micro spheres. This will greatly reduce any vibration that escapes the paddle and prevent it from going into the wrsit, elbow and shoulder.

    A new addition to the Black Ace is the 4 Way Directional Spin that enchances energy return to the ball as well as stability across the entire face. It will add friction to the paddle face in 4 different directions and it will add tremendous spin to your shots.

    Approved For Use In USAPA Sanctioned Tournament

    Disclaimer: Due to high-performance aerodynamic edgeless-construction, chipping and scratches occur during normal wear and tear.

    If you're unsure about your model or weight...try our DEMO Program.

    PickleballGalaxy General Notes

    Upgrade Your Pickleball Paddle Grip to a Python Rubber Grip for unbelievable comfort and control. They don't just look great on your paddle they will also last for the life of your paddle. Python rubber grips work best with a leather glove.


    Pro Ace
    Verified Buyer
    I have been playing PB for a couple of years and have changed paddles a couple of times. The Pro Ace has answered some of my dreams. It has ample drive and shot placement seemed as good if not better than my other paddles. There was a learning curve to hurdle but once you learn to control the power its an awesome addition to my bag.
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    Great paddle
    Verified Buyer
    This is a great paddle. It’s exactly what I was looking for….light, spin, power and control. This paddle does not have a big sweet spot, but when you hit it you get a ton of power. It’s loud but not as bad as some reviews I’ve read.
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