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Wilson Rush Pro ACE Women's Scallop (WRS3287300U)
    Wilson Rush Pro ACE Women's Scallop (WRS3287300U)
    Purchase Wilson Rush Pro ACE Women's Scallop (WRS3287300U)

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    Shoe Weight: 11.6 ounces

    Shoe Height: Low

    Court Type: Outdoor

    The Wilson Rush Pro Ace pickleball shoe is the perfect combination of style, comfort, and performance.

    Designed with tennis players in mind, this shoe caters to those who prioritize a generous fit without compromising on performance and will be great for pickleball players.

    Featuring the most generous fit in the Rush Pro series, the Rush Pro Ace is perfect for players with wider feet. Its wider toe box provides ample room, ensuring a comfortable fit throughout intense matches. You'll never have to worry about discomfort holding you back again.

    One of the standout features of this shoe is the 4D Support Chassis. This innovative technology serves to stabilize your foot and limit supination, effectively controlling pivot movements on the court. With the Rush Pro Ace, you can confidently make those quick directional changes without compromising balance or risking injury.

    The upper of the shoe is layered with Sensifeel, a breathable mesh material that enhances ventilation and keeps your feet cool and dry. This combination of comfort and breathability ensures that you can focus on your game without distractions.

    Not only does the Rush Pro Ace excel in comfort and stability, but it also boasts an appealing aesthetic. The sleek design and attention to detail make this shoe a stylish choice for any player. Walk onto the court with supreme confidence, knowing that you have both comfort and style on your side.

    Additionally, the high-density OrthoLite foam insole offers maximum cushioning, ensuring superior comfort and longevity. Your feet will thank you for the exceptional support and plush cushioning, even during long matches or intense training sessions.

    With its generous fit, stability-enhancing technologies, breathable composition, and impressive cushioning, this shoe is a winning choice for players who value comfort and performance. Step onto the court with confidence and experience the difference with the Rush Pro Ace.

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