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A pickleball court is basically a badminton court with 2 differences. First the net is lower on a pickleball court vs a badminton court and second the no service line in badminton is 6.5 feet from the net vs the no volley zone in pickleball at 7 feet from the net.

A pickleball court is 44 feet deep from the back of each baseline (2 inch wide lines) and 20 feet wide. The no volley zone or kitchen is 7 feet (back of the line) from the center of the net. Each service box is 10 feet wide and 15 feet deep. The net is 34 inches high in the center and stretches the length of the court.

There is no difference between a doubles court and a singles court in pickleball.

The surface of the court varies, at indoor recreational centers most pickleball is played on basketbal gym floors and the ball tends to skid or slide more than on outdoor court surfaces

Popular Pickleball Court Surfaces

  • Concrete - This is the most common outdoor pickleball court surface. It is the surface most tennis courts are made of and is the most durable surface with the most consistant bounce
  • Asphalt - More economical than a concrete court to install but comes with additional maintenance costs over time
  • Snap Together Plastic - Usually put over an existing concrete or asphalt surface. This is the best choice if you want the ability to remove the court in the future. It can also be a most cost effective solution than repairing a cracked tennis court surface.
  • Gym Floor (Indoor Courts) - Usually lines are painted onto basketball courts and tempory pickleball nets are used. This allows for an easy transition from pickleball to basketball or volleyball at rec centers
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