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Adidas has been serving sports for over 90 years and now has entered the pickleball equipment market. They work for the athlete, applying technology and innovation to enhance their performance. Different levels, playing styles, physical conditions... there are many variables that make each player unique.

Adidas combined technologies with the best materials to develop specific paddles for each type of player and offer the best game experience.

Adidas Paddle Characteristics


Each player has an ability level and playing style that defines their ideal paddle performance. At adidas pickleball they work with three concepts to define the characteristics of the paddle to assist players in selecting the one that best suites their game.


Spin Blade Technology is the incorporation of a rough texture on the face of the paddle. Three different levels of Spin Blade technology to enhance your ability to disrupt your opponents game.

  • Spin Blade Max - Provides a Max textured surface that allows you to spin, slice and shape the ball at the highest level of play
  • Spin Blade + - Has a durable sand blasted surface for increased spin and ball control
  • Spin Blade Grit - Provides a textured surface for great spin and playability


Different paddle shapes for different styles of play. Two different shapes to assist in attacking and controlling your opponent.

  • ATTK Shape - adidas ATTK shape will provide a higher sweet spot which will help you generate more powerful shots
  • CTRL Shape - adidas CTRL shape has a centered sweet spot to provide greater control and accuracy


Carbon Reinforcements built in as part of the paddle construction. This creates tortional rigidity and durability from edge to edge providing a solid and stable hitting surface across the entire paddle.

  • A perimeter carbon reinforcement is integrated from the bottom of the handle up to the sides of the paddle
  • A carbon reinforcement across the lower face


The material wrapped on the paddle handle that is the contact point between player and paddle. A grip with a secure, cushioned feel that transfers moisture keeps your hand in comfortable contact with the paddle during all playing conditions.

  • PU outer layer provides a secure non-slip finish
  • EVA inner layer provides a soft cushioned feel
  • Perforated surface transfers moisture away for a dry non-slip grip


In this collection adidas works with 3 types of fibers. Each fiber has a different flexibility and this property allows us to create different levels of performance.

  • 24K Aluminized Carbon - adidas 24K Aluminized Carbon provides a more rigid, durable surface that delivers great power with a softer feel due to the density of the 24K Carbon and the aluminum coating. Ideal for advanced thru pro level play
  • 3K Carbon Fiber - adidas 3K carbon delivers a firm quick response for increased power. 3k Carbon provides great power but is soft enough to maintain great ball control. Ideal for intermediate thru pro level play
  • Fiberglass - adidas Fiberglass surface provides greater ball pop on slow hits, the increased flexibility creates a greater rebound effect. This softer material provides more touch and feel making it ideal for beginner thru intermediate level play


The core is a key aspect when talking about the performance of a paddle. At adidas we work with two types of Cores that differentiates the performance of each paddle. They are identified by the color of the cap at the end of the grip handle.

  • HIGH DENSITY - POLYPROPYLENE HONEYCOMB HD - adidas HD core provides increased power for fast action and the quickest response at high swing rates
  • LOW DENSITY - POLYPROPYLENE HONEYCOMB LD - adidas 14mm LD core provides power and control on slow to moderate swing rates. adidas 16mm LD core allows the ball to remain on the paddle longer delivering greater feel and ball control.
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