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Thermoformed pickleball paddles are constructed using a heat molding process of the plastic to create a paddle with an enhanced the sweet spot. Thermoformed paddles also offer more power and pop than tradition paddle construction. WIth a thermoformed paddle you can generate put-away and counter power with much less effort and backswing than a standard Carbon Fiber 16mm paddle, while still having better reset-ability than a 13 mm paddle. Thermoformed paddles are best for players around the 4.0 level or above.

Thermoformed Pickleball Paddles

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What is Delamination

Delamination occurs when the layers of material that make up a paddle begin to separate, compromising the paddle's durability and performance. Usually the power and pop of the paddle will increase when the paddle first delaminates and the sound of the ball will change. After a short period the performance of the paddle will drop off significantly. A different sound alone doesnt mean the paddle is delamanated. If you press your thumbs on the paddle face and hear a cracking sign the paddle may be delaminated

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