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Selecting a Pickleball Paddle Size

When selecting a paddle size, a player needs to take into account how they plan to play the game. Traditional shaped paddles are squarer and offer a good amount of surface area both horizontally and vertically. On the other hand, elongated paddles are longer, giving the player extra reach at the cost of paddle width. For most players, a traditional shaped paddle is the way to go. Here are some guidelines to help you decide which shape is best for you.

Traditional Pickleball Paddles

  • Excellent for everyone, beginners to pros
  • More squared design allows players balanced surface area both vertically and horizontally (harder to miss the ball)
  • More surface for players that play a lot of english (spin) on their returns

Elongated Pickleball Paddles

  • Good for more experienced players
  • Increased length allows players to get to shots that would otherwise be missed
  • Longer "sweet spot" allows for a greater amount of quality strikes
  • Typically will allow for more power
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