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There are 2 commonly used methods to select a grip size for a pickleball paddle, these are the same methods used for a tennis racquet grip size.

Method 1 - Using a Known Grip Size Tennis Racquet

Selecting a Pickleball Paddle Grip Size with a Tennis RacquetThe 1st method (see image 1) requires you to have a pickleball or tennis racquet with a known grip size that has not been modified or built up. Hold the racquet with an Eastern Forehand Grip, the palm of your hand should be placed against the same bevel as the string face on the racquet. Place the index finger of your other hand in the gap between the ends of your fingers and the palm of your hand. If there isn't enough room for your index finger then the grip is too small, if there is a lot of space between your fingers and palm then the grip is too big. Using a grip that is either too large or too small for a long period of time not only adversely affects your game but can cause problems with tennis elbow.

Method 2 - Measure your Hand

Selecting a Pickleball Paddle Grip Size Measuring your HandThe 2nd method (see image 2) doesnt require a tennis racquet or pickleball paddle but you will need a ruler or tape measure. With your hitting hand palm facing you open it with your fingers extended and closed together. Your hand has two long creases running horizontally across the center, measure the distance from the bottom crease to the top of your ring finger. This distance should match your optimum grip size.

Note: Grips can be increased in size by building them up but you can't decrease the size, most overwraps increase the grip size by 1/16". If your measurement comes out between grip sizes go with the smaller size. Grip Sizes: (0) - 4", (1) - 4 1/8", (2) - 4 1/4", (3) - 4 3/8", (4) - 4 1/2", (5) - 4 5/8"

Note 2: Using a smaller grip will allow for more wrist action in your swing


If the maximum grip size a paddle comes in is still too small for your hand you can use a pickleball overgrip to build up the diameter of the grip. 1 layer of an overgrip builds the grip up by about 1/16 of an inch. You would wrap the grip until it was built up to your desired thickness.

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