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The power vs. control debate in pickleball has gone on for years now. A pickleball paddle's playability comes mainly from the paddle weight and composition. The paddles surface and core materials are the biggest factors in the weight and the paddles performance.

It is generally said that a heavier paddle is better for power (Force = Mass * acceleration) and that, for control, a lighter paddle with a graphite surface is ideal. In the past, there have only been a few materials used in the construction of paddle cores, with the material determining the weight. With the introduction of many new core materials in recent years, paddles now offer a nice mixture of power and control with varying weight options.

The 3 main pickleball paddle Core types:

  • Nomex - Less compression on Impact for more power, has louder than other materials
  • Polymer - tough of a material used in a control paddle
  • Aluminum - usually heavier than polymer but also a material used for control paddles.

The 2 main pickleball paddle Surface types:

Technology Advancements

With more brands entering the game each year they are all trying to differentiate themselves through the introduction of new Technologies. In many cases these technologies relate to the materials used for the hitting surface and core materials

Some examples of new paddle technologies and their claims

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