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Penn 40 Outdoor Yellow Pickleball (6 Pack)
    Penn 40 Outdoor Yellow Pickleball (6 Pack)
    Purchase Penn 40 Outdoor Yellow Pickleball (6 Pack)

    The 'Penn 40' ball. USAPA Approved. Penn has spent 2 years developing and testing their new pickleball to manufacturer a pickleball that meets Head/Penn standards. The Penn 40 Outdoor pickleball is a great ball for recreational and club play. It is also great for tournament play where a softer ball is required. The Penn 40 Outdoor pickleball is similar to the Onix Fuse ball but will improvements.

    Key Benefits:

    • Enhanced Durability - Increased durability for all levels of play
    • Increased Visibility - Optimal visibility for play in all lighting conditions. (It doesn't pick up dirt like the Onix pickleball)
    • Dynamic Bounce - Softer feel with a dynamic bounce for ultimate performance an playability
    • USAPA Approved for Tournament Play


    • Quantity: 6 Balls
    • Holes: 40
    • Color: Yellow for High-visibility and Contrast
    • Designed for Outdoor and Indoor Tennis Courts/Concrete
    • Similar in play to Onix Fuse

    Pickleball Comparison

    The PRO Penn 40 outdoor ball is perfect for recreational club play, for coaches providing instruction and also for some tournament play when a softer ball is required. New to the Penn's range of high quality performance products across multiple sports, the PRO Penn 40, which is USAPA approved, offers enhanced durability for all levels of pickleball play and also features increased visibility for all lighting conditions. The Penn 40 outdoor ball also features a dynamic bounce for ultimate performance and playability each time you step on court.

    • Supreme Consistency: Offers consistent playability, bounce, and holds shape throughout play.
    • Enahnced Durability: Increased durability for high performance players.
    • Optimal Speed: Perfect speed for high level play

    Pickleball Comparison

    Ball Durability Bounce Height Speed Play Consistancy Visibility Notes
    Dura 40 2 3 10 5 4 Preferred by tournament players
    Franklin X 40 6 5 8 6 8 Becoming one of the prefered Tournament balls
    PRO Penn 40 8 7 7 8 8 Just arrived January 2023
    Penn 40 8 7 6 6 8 Introduced in May 2019
    Onix Fuse G2 7 8 4 3 5 Preferred by recreational players
    Onix Pure II 10 9 3 4 4 No longer approved by USAPA, never within spec but still produced
    UPC: 726424863778
    MPN: 557001
    Shipping Weight: 1.25 pounds
    Penn pickleballs
    Verified Buyer
    I love this ball it meets the quality of Penn. It plays great and is very durable. I played with 1 ball for almost a month before it cracked.
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