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Salming Viper SL Women's Indoor Shoes
    Salming Viper SL Women's Indoor Shoes
    Purchase Salming Viper SL Women's Indoor Shoes

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    Shoe Weight: 10.9 ounces

    Shoe Height: Low

    Court Type: Indoor

    Feel light and move really fast. The Viper SL is a more flexible, breathable and lighter version of the Viper. Air mesh has been added on the upper part of the shoe to provide maximum breathability and comfort. Viper SL also comes with a new tongue construction for a comfortable fit and the stability you need on the court. The lower part of the shoe has all the features of the Viper and the construction gives a nice and snug fit and keeps the foot in place properly.

    • Super sticky grip with Salming´s hexagon pattern
    • Designed with Salming´s TGS 62/75 guide system, to stimulate the foot’s natural movements
    • RunLite2™ midsole for a responsive take-off
    • LMS Torsion unit together with LMS 11° gives more stability to prevent twisting your ankles
    • Removable EVA insole + RollBar™ gives you better grip in take-off position
    • Traditional lace construction
    • Molded TPU heel counter for added stability.
    MPN: 1231075-0710
    Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
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    Court Grabbers Kit Details

    The Kit includes (2) Clear Base Strips, (2) Black/Black Traction Pads and 2 Ounce Bottle of Traction Gel

    Court Grabbers

    Base Strip - This is a clear piece of durable plastic that you attach to your shoe with the laces. You do this one time and the Base Strip stays in place permanently. The Traction Pad slides onto the Base Strip and locks in place.

    Traction Pad - This is a plastic piece that encases a piece of cloth that allows you to clean your shoes anytime on the court. The Traction Pad slides onto the Base Strip and locks in place. To remove the Traction Pad for cleaning, you simply pinch the tabs on each side and slide the entire Traction Pad off the Base Strip

    Traction Gel - This is the “Magic” that delivers the Best Traction on the Planet! Just a small amount of Traction Gel on the Traction Pad will remove all the dirt and dust off your shoe and provide you with incredible traction.

    The base strips should last for 1 year of heavy use, the traction pads should last for 1 season with proper cleaning after every 2-3 uses. The 2 ounce bottle of traction gel should last for 1-2 months of regular use

    Court Grabbers will work on all shoes with exposed laces. You can adjust how Court Grabbers sit on your shoe by moving them up the laces. Court Grabbers will not work on shoes with mid-instep straps. Straps that are near the top of the shoe should work fine. Court Grabbers work best on shoes with normal, flat soles, found on most court shoes.

    About Court Grabbers

    Lace the base into your shoe, click in the traction pad and add gel.. it is as simple as that.

    Your Court Grabbers allow you to restore High Performance Traction to your shoes where you need it most- on the court, during play, without using your hands! Once you make Court Grabbers part of your everyday equipment, your days of slipping on the court are over.Grip, Squeak & Win with Court Grabbers!

    Dust falls on every indoor pickleball court (gym floor) in the World. It never stops accumulating. That's why athletes have been slipping & sliding on racquetball courts for many decades. Court Grabbers were designed with one "mission" in mind: Allow players to control their traction where and when they need it most - ON THE COURT, DURING PLAY.

    Testing has shown that Court Grabbers are effective, as instructed, on courts made of wood, rubber tile, and composite material, and some tile floors. Use on any other surface, such as tennis surfaces, both indoor and outdoors, should be tested before use in practices or games. Court Grabbers are not to be used on sealed, concrete courts/floors.

    Court Grabbers are designed to work with just a light, smooth pass of one shoe over the opposing Traction Pad. It is not necessary to push down hard on the Traction Pad. With practice you'll find that this can be accomplished very quickly. Some players like to just "touch" the pad to the sole of the shoe. You can choose to clean the entire shoe or just the "ball" of your shoe. The real beauty of Court Grabbers is that each user can find their own method of use that best fits their game!

    Installing Court Grabbers

    About the Gel

    Court Grabbers Traction Gel delivers the World's Best On Court Traction!

    The length of the Traction Pad cloth should be slightly moist, never "wet". Never apply more than 3 light lines of gel. *Do not squeeze the bottle. Apply just enough pressure to allow the Traction Gel to “fall” out of the bottle onto the Traction Pad

    The package comes with one 2oz bottle of gel in a squeeze bottle with a flip top, additional 4 oz bottles can be purchased.

    The 4 ounce bottle will last about 6 months when used 2-3 times per week and about 3 months when used 4-6 times per week, the 2 ounce bottle that comes with the kit should last between 1-2 months with regular use.

    Court Grabbers® Traction Gel is made up of 86% natural ingredients, stuff we eat and drink daily. 13% is alcohol, 1/5th the concentration found in common hand sanitizer. The remaining 1% is comprised of a bittering agent, a gelifier, and common food coloring. Court Grabbers® Traction Gel has no harmful effect on the user, clothing, pets, or shoes and has been certified safe for courts by a 3rd party lab Traction Gel will wash from clothes in a normal wash cycle. Water does not work on the court and is not a safe substitute for the Traction Gel.The ingredients in the gel have no adverse effect on the court, and do not "build up" on the shoe or the court. Any spilled Traction Gel cleans up easily with water and a towel.

    Additional Questions

    How long will Court Grabbers remain effective on the court?

    How long does the gel last? Each user is different. If you use your Court Grabbers® every day, you can expect each ounce of Traction Gel to last 2-3 weeks. (4-6 weeks with the 2oz bottle with the kit) Since you do not need much gel for the system to work, you may find you use even less. A 2-ounce bottle plus a 4-oz bottle should last you at least an entire season of practices and games.

    How much Traction Gel should I use? The key is “less is best”. More Traction Gel does not mean more traction. Allow no more than 3 light lines, top to bottom, to drip onto the Traction Pad. This should provide traction for at least 30 minutes of heavy use. You’ll need to experiment to find the best result for your use. The Traction Pad should never be “wet”, just slightly moist.

    How do I clean the Traction Pad?

    Simply pinch the two tabs in the opening on each side of the Traction Pad and slide the entire Traction Pad off of the Base Strip. It is not uncommon for the tabs to seem “stiff” the first few times you remove the Traction Pad, they will loosen with each removal. Once removed, you can toss them in the washer and dryer with your practice/game gear. We recommend using a small laundry bag, which you can buy on this site, to make locating them among your clothes easier. We recommend cleaning Traction Pads whenever you clean your practice/game gear. Consistent care will keep your Court Grabbers® clean and extend their life indefinitely. If you can see dirt and dust on the Traction Pad, it’s time to clean them!

    How do I use them on multiple pairs of shoes?

    You don’t need to buy a new kit for each pair of shoes. You can buy a set of Base Strips for each pair and easily use the same set of Traction Pads for each pair.

    How long do the Traction Pads last?

    Depending upon how much use and abuse they receive, your Traction Pads should last from 4 months +. They are made from durable plastics and one of the most durable cloths on the planet. The most important thing you can do to make them last and perform properly is to wash them at least every 2-3 uses and certainly before any game or important match. Just wash them with your practice/game gear and dry them in the dryer as well. Fortunately, they are inexpensive to replace, so you can have extra sets on hand so you never slip up on the court. When you see the cloth of the Traction Pad has a hole in it, or the tabs become loose, either of which may happen after many months of continued use, it’s time for a new set of Traction Pads. Base Strips should last a very long time. Replace if the rails that hold the Traction Pad or the securing bands on the underside break or crack. (This is rare) Do not use cracked or broken parts. Keep the grooves of the rails clean and free from any dirt.

    Do they work on all shoes?

    Court Grabbers will work on all shoes with exposed laces. You can adjust how Court Grabbers sit on your shoe by moving them up the laces. Court Grabbers will not work on shoes with mid-instep straps. Straps that are near the top of the shoe should work fine.

    Court Grabbers work best on shoes with normal, flat soles, found on most court shoes.

    Won't my shoes get dirty?

    This is a common misperception people have when they first see our equipment. Your shoes should not get dirty. The Traction Pads sit slightly above your laces. You wipe the sole of your shoe across the top of the Traction Pad, NOT your shoe. It’s pretty easy to get the hang of wiping across the Traction Pad.

    What are the dimensions and how much do they weigh?

    • Court Grabbers are 2.25 inches in length.
    • At the widest point, they are 1.25 inches and taper to .25 inch at the narrow end.
    • The complete unit is very thin. They sit a mere 1/8th of an inch above your laces.
    • Court Grabbers are feather light. 2 Base Strips/Traction Pad units weigh a total of ½ an ounce.
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